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Talentsec focuses solely on knowing the top, global security talent. We know what we do. We know how to do it. We do it best.

Skill shortage is an understatement

You don’t need us to tell you there is a shortage of cybersecurity talent. We hear it time and time again as our clients look to bolster their teams and proactively address the ever-evolving risk conditions.

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Focusing on what matters

Investments are being made for better training and enhancing automation of existing technology wherever possible. While these are critical steps to help address the cybersecurity talent shortage long-term, they do not solve the pain many companies feel today.

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Approaching cybersecurity talent… differently.

What makes us different? The people we work with seem to think just about everything. For starters, we are the only talent firm with a primary focus on the top analyst to manager level security talent.

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Building a better future

Talentsec donates a portion of its profits to ensure a more diverse security workforce.

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